How do I withdraw TRY?

Published on Nov 21, 2023Updated on May 23, 20244 min read9

You can complete a Turkish Lira (TRY) withdrawal to your bank account from your OKX TR account. TRY local bank transfers using Havale, FAST or EFT are currently only offered to our Turkish customers (residents from Turkey).

To initiate a transfer, you'll need to select an account you previously deposited from.

How do I make a cash withdrawal?

On the web

  1. Log in to your account at, go to Assets, and select Withdraw

  2. Select Cash to start making cash withdrawal

  3. Select Turkish Lira and the bank account you'd like to withdraw to and Next

    CT-web-withdraw-turkish lira en

    Go to Turkish Lira to start making cash withdrawal

  4. Enter an amount to withdraw and Next

  5. Select Withdraw after you have reviewed the information on withdrawal preview to request for the withdrawal

On the app

  1. Open your OKX TR app, select Assets > Withdraw > Withdraw TRY

    CT-app-tr-EN-withdrawal-TRY withdrawal option

    Opening withdrawal page from homepage

  2. Select withdrawal method and Next to enter the amount that you would like to withdraw

  3. Select Withdraw after you have reviewed the information on withdrawal preview to request for the withdrawal

How do I add a bank account to withdraw?

In order to comply with local regulations and ensure your transaction is secure, you'll need to verify ownership of the receiving account during the cash withdrawal process.

  • Verify by making a cash deposit into OKX TR with the same account
    Making a deposit is the simplest way to get your account verified on OKX TR as your information will be automatically verified when a successful deposit is performed between your bank and OKX TR.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why isn't my withdrawal completed yet?

The processing time of your withdrawal depends on your bank and transfer type.

  • Withdrawals to Ziraat, Vakifbank and Fibabank accounts via Havale are processed instantly, 24/7.

  • If your bank supports FAST, withdrawals of ₺100,000 or less are processed instantly, 24/7.

  • Withdrawals to other banks via EFT are processed during business hours, 09:00 - 16.45 on the same day. Withdrawals on weekends and public holidays are processed on the next business day.

  • If your bank transfer takes longer than the time specified with a qualified bank account, it may be due to a heavy volume of bank transactions. For help, contact us at . Please include your UID in your message to our team.

2. Why am I not able to see the "Withdraw TRY" feature?

To comply with local laws and regulations, cash deposits are only available in specific regions. This may mean that your account is currently not eligible to access this feature.

3. Can I make a withdrawal while my bank account verification is still pending?

No. You can only make the withdrawal once your account ownership is successfully verified.

4. How do I know if my bank account is verified?

Once the deposit has been successfully processed into your OKX TR account, your bank account will be verified.

5. How do I check my withdrawal history?

You can review your withdrawal history on the cash withdrawal page

CT-web-cash withdrawal-TRY withdraw history

Web: transaction history on the cash withdraw page

CT-app-tr-EN-withdrawal-fiat withdrawal history

App: transaction history on the withdraw page