OKX TR Law Enforcement Request Guide

Published on Nov 7, 2023Updated on May 7, 20245 min read

Last Updated: 01.02.2024


As per our User Agreement, the services of https://tr.okx.com are being provided by the following entity for users who are residents of Türkiye and who registered on or after April 28, 2023:

OKX TEKNOLOJİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ, a company, registered to the Istanbul Trade Registry with trade registry no 457610-5.

(such entity referred to herein as “OKX TR”, “we” or “us”).


All law enforcement requests and orders sent by Turkish official authorities are required to be formally notified to OKX TR’s electronic notification address in accordance with applicable rules on service.


Where appropriate, we will respond to requests from authorized law enforcement officers with proof of authority. We will review each case and cooperate on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the relevant User Agreement, our Privacy Policy, and any applicable laws and regulations. This Law Enforcement Request Guide explains how authorized law enforcement officers can engage and contact us to request customer information and/or freeze a customer’s OKX TR account.

We are responsible for processing law enforcement requests from all jurisdictions, in accordance with our User Agreement, Clarification Text on Personal Data Processing, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Risk Disclosure Form, Explicit Consent and, Information Notice on Sending Commercial Electronic Messages and Consent, and any applicable laws and regulations. To avoid any doubt, we, at our full discretion, fully reserve the right to reject responding to and acting upon a law enforcement request sent via an email, until a formal request has been received through proper diplomatic channels in accordance with the rules of international judicial assistance If we choose to do so, no obligation, which may be imposed on us as a result of the proper service of the law enforcement request, shall be deemed to have arisen or commenced until such service takes place.

If you are an authorized law enforcement officer located out of Türkiye, please address all law enforcement requests directly to “OKX TR” (as opposed to a specific OKX entity) and send such requests to yasal@turkiye.okx.com.

If applicable, please also reference the appropriate applicable Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty-related documents if cross-border law enforcement is involved.

For us to consider your request as an official authority out of Türkiye, law enforcement officers should write to us:

  • Using an email address from an official government domain and attaching documentary evidence of your personal authority as a representative of your law enforcement agency to administer such request (e.g. photo of your authorization and power of attorney);

  • Stating in the subject line the specific actions/items requested; and

  • Attaching a signed court order and/or official letter from your law enforcement agency that includes the following details:

    • Full name of your law enforcement agency and its legal authority to make such request in conjunction with courts of competent jurisdiction, with documentary evidence attached;

    • Your official contact information (email address and/or phone number);

    • A chronological overview of the alleged incident under investigation, including material facts of the case, with reference made to the following matters where possible:

    • All relevant wallet address(es) and transaction hashes (“TXID”), starting from the first transaction the alleged victim is complaining about (please specify token type and amount for each transaction, and the relevant blockchain) (“First Transaction”), to how that transaction is traced to OKX TR;

    • For complex cases, please state the total amount in question (in tokens and approximate value in USD), and include a breakdown for our better understanding;

    • Your investigation findings to date, including information on the alleged fraudster, and also the circumstances in which the alleged victim was convinced to make the First Transaction;

    • Relevant OKX TR user’s name, UUID, registered phone number and email address, identification number; and

  • The actions/items requested.

All requests and attachments must be in Turkish.

All relevant wallet addresses and transaction hashes should also be provided in a word document format or a copyable .pdf format.


In the event your request requires a freeze of a customer's OKX TR account and includes a confidentiality instruction, we will not disclose to the affected customer that such action was taken pursuant to a request from your law enforcement agency.. In those cases, we will not make any such disclosures to the customer until we get prior permission from your agency.

We may maintain the freeze for a period stipulated in law enforcement requests and/or orders in line with the applicable legislation.

If a certain period of time is specified in your agency's freezing order, we may not be able to freeze the account longer than this period.

If your agency has not specifically asked for the freeze to remain confidential, we will disclose the freeze to our customer after we implement the freeze order on the customer’s account.

In any case, the freeze imposed on the customer’s OKX TR account will not be lifted without a second written instruction from your agency through the same way it received the freeze order to lift the freeze and OKX TR will not unilaterally lift the freeze, unless otherwise is regulated by laws.

In addition, if such permission is granted, please also confirm whether we can share your official contact information with the affected customer so they can contact you directly to assist with your investigation.