Guide to ID and selfie photos for identity verification

Published on Feb 14, 2024Updated on May 7, 20243 min read9

Having trouble choosing the appropriate photos of your ID or yourself during your verification process? Please check out the guidelines below.

Which IDs are acceptable?

Based on different requirements of different jurisdictions, you may use your new ID card (T.C. yeni kimlik kartı), driver's license (sürücü belgesi), or residence permit document (ikamet izni belgesi)

  • The biometric photograph is clear and all information is clearly readable;

  • Within expiry;

How to properly take photos of my ID document?

Photos of your ID document must be in color, and the photographed ID must be the original, not a screenshot, another photo, or a photocopy. The photos of your ID should also show all corners of the ID card or document.

Usually, you'll be required to upload both the photo side and the back side of your ID, as shown in the examples below.

CT-TR-Verification-Turkey ID-front photo

Photo side of ID card

CT-TR-Verification-Turkey ID-back photo

Back side of ID card

TR-Driving license-photo side

Photo side of driver's license

TR-Driving license-back side

Back side of driver's license

TR-Residence permit-Photo side

Photo side of residence permit

TR-Residence permit-Back side

Back side of residence permit

How to properly take a selfie while holding my ID?

If you're required to provide a selfie holding an ID during the verification process, make sure you follow the instructions below:

  • The ID you're holding should be the same as the one you photographed in the steps described above;

  • The photo side of your ID should be facing towards the camera;

  • Take your selfie in a well-lit space;

  • Make sure the info on your ID is clearly legible;

  • Make sure your face is fully visible, unobstructed by masks, hats, or glasses, etc.;

  • Make sure your ID isn't blocking your face or blocked by your fingers.


The information collected is for the sole purpose of completing the verification process. You can refer to this article to learn more about how to verify an individual account. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.