Which proof of address (POA) is acceptable for institutional verification?

Published on Mar 8, 2024Updated on Jun 3, 20242 min read2

While filling out our institutional verification, if your principal place of business address differs from your registered business address (as shown on your certificate of incorporation or business registration), you're required to provide valid proof of address for the former.

What's the principal place of business address?

The principal place of business address is the primary physical location of your company's main office or headquarters where its management, decision-making, and daily activities take place. It may be different from your registered business address.

Which proof of address documents are acceptable for institutional account verification?

You should upload a document from the list below. Make sure the document is dated within the last 3 months. The uploaded proof of address document can either be a clear photo of your original POA or a PDF file.

  • Water Bill

  • Electricity Bill

  • Natural Gas Bill

  • Trade Registry Gazette

Proof of address examples

Below are some examples of POA, which may help you decide the appropriate document to submit.

OKX TR-POA-Water bill

Water Bill Example

OKX TR-POA-Electricity bill

Electricity Bill Example

OKX TR-POA-Natural Gas Bill

Natural Gas Bill Example

OKX TR-POA-Trade Registry Gazette

Trade Registry Gazette Example