How do I enable allowlist? (app)

Published on Dec 1, 2023Updated on Jun 3, 20242 min read

Allowlist enhances the security of your withdrawal. With this feature enabled, you can only withdraw to addresses saved in your address book. To add a new address, simply add it to your address book prior to withdrawing. If your account is compromised, the extra layer of protection will prevent you from withdrawing funds to any unauthorized addresses.

Getting started

  1. Open your OKX TR App, go to Withdraw


    Select withdraw on homepage

  2. Select the crypto you would like to withdraw > On-chain

  3. You can either enter the address or select the address in your address book. If there is no address available, you can select Add address Note: when adding address, you can save the network selected as a universal address to withdraw other crypto from this network

    CT-app-tr-EN-withdrawal-select address book

    Select the address book

  4. Select if you would like to save the address as verified address to skip future verification and Save to continue making your withdrawal

    CT-app-tr-EN-withdrawal-Add address

    Add new address and save as verified address

  5. In Address settings, you can either enable the Allowlist only or enable the New address withdrawal lock at the same time

    CT-app-tr-EN-withdrawal-enable allowlist

    Enable allowlist in address settings


  • When the Allowlist is enabled, you can only withdraw funds to addresses in the address book

  • The advanced settings of New address withdrawal lock prevent withdrawals for 24 hours to new allowlist addresses to enhance your account security

  • If you would like to disable the Allowlist, you can switch it off in Address settings and enter your 2FA codes to confirm disable the allowlist. After it's disabled, you are able to withdraw to any new addresses