How to get OKB Chain Testnet Faucet?

Published on Mar 29, 2023Updated on May 16, 20243 min read
To facilitate product function testing, the OKX Wallet Web Extension now supports the OKB Chain test network.

OKBC is positioned as an Ethereum Layer 2 network. Throughout the ongoing exploration of CeFi and DeFi, OKX has always adhered to a technology-driven philosophy, continually breaking new ground.

The OKX Wallet Web Extension allows you to do it easily with just a few clicks. Read the tutorial below and get started with a great tool for exploring the world of Web3 in 3 minutes (If you're already using OKX Wallet, please skip to STEP 3 to get your testnet tokens).

Step 1: Download your Web3 exploration tool - OKX Wallet Web Extension

Step 2: Create a new OKX Wallet or add an existing wallet

[1] Open the OKX Wallet web extension, select I don't have a wallet;
[2] Create your own password;
[3] Back up your seed phrase (aka. Recovery phase or backup password).


If you already have a wallet, import your existing wallet into OKX Wallet, using your wallet's seed phrase or private key.
[1] Click I already have a wallet;
[2] Select Seed phrase or Private key, and enter it;
[3] Go to the Set password page, enter your password and confirm to complete importing.
You can manage all your assets on different networks with one OKX Wallet and have a great multi-chain experience.
Please note: for your assets' safety, keep your seed phrase and password safe and never share it with anyone.

Step 3: Switch to OKB Chain Testnet and get your testnet tokens

[1] Click Settings;
[2] Turn on Custom network;
[3] Click Manage network, switch to OKB Chain Testnet;
[4] Copy your OKB Chain Testnet address;
[5] Click Faucet to access the testnet
[6] Input your OKB Chain Testnet address and get the testnet tokens you want;

Then, you can view the OKB Chain testnet tokens you just received.

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