How do I update my Ordinals collection information?

Published on Jun 28, 2024Updated on Jul 22, 20242 min read

Our Ordinals marketplace will list the collection automatically via third-party API from time to time and you can also manually list your collection in our Ordinals marketplace.

If you submitted a collection listing application

If you have already applied for a collection listing and passed the review, you can update the social media links such as Twitter and other official websites, or change the inscription list of the collection as follows:

  1. Go to Wallet and connect your OKX wallet

  2. Go to Marketplace > Inscriptions and select Ordinals > List collection

    CT-web-tr-EN-web3-list Ordinals collection

    Select List collection to submit your application

  3. Select My applications, select the collection that you want to modify, and select View collection

  4. You can only update the social media links or the inscription list of your collection.
    Note: You must link to the project's X account for verification, and we will assess social media links as well.

  5. After you complete the modification, select Confirm to complete your modification.

If your collection is automatically listed

If you want to update the information of the collection that is automatically listed in our marketplace, you're required to claim the collection first and update the information.The claiming process is similar to the process of listing collection. The only difference is you're required to select Yes in the Claim collection field and fill in the collection link that is listed in our marketplace.

Claim Ordinals collection in OKX/OKX TR web

Select Yes and insert the collection link to claim your collection