How do I manage my wallet? (web)

Published on Dec 28, 2023Updated on May 7, 20245 min read1

OKX TR Wallet is a non-custodial and decentralized multi-chain wallet that provides one-stop asset management, secure storage, transfer, and other features for global users. Using a seed phrase to create an on-chain identity, users can secure and conveniently manage their assets on various networks, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum etc, across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, and web extension), and also supports multi-seed phrase import and derivation of addresses.
Currently, OKX TR Web3 Wallet supports 50+ networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, OKC, Solana, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Tron, Arbitrum etc. It can automatically recognize the network without manually switch it when connecting. With OKX TR, you can easily access over 1,000 DApp protocols and features such as multi-chain and cross-chain DEX, Yield farming, NFT marketplace, and DApp discovery. A wallet is all you need for your Web3 experience.

Getting started

Select Connect wallet to start.

I don't have a wallet

  1. Select I don't have a wallet and Seed phrase/Hardware wallet to create one
    Note: Make sure you've connected your hardware wallet before creating your wallet
  2. Set a password to protect your privacy and select Confirm to complete creating a wallet
  3. Select Back up now to view your seed phrase and keep it safe without sharing with anyone
    Select Back up now to secure your walletSelect Back up now to secure your wallet
  4. After you write down the seed phrase, select I've back up to verify your seed phrase and complete back up
    Write down seed phrases to complete creating a walletWrite down seed phrases to complete creating a wallet

I already have a wallet

  1. Select I already have a wallet and Seed phrase/Private key/Hardware wallet to import your existing wallet
  2. Fill in your Seed phrase/Private key or connect your hardware wallet and Confirm
  3. Set a password to protect your privacy and select Confirm to complete importing

Note: make sure to keep your seed phrase, private key and password safe and never share with others to avoid any losses.

How do I view or back up a seed phrase or private key?

OKX TR Web3 wallet supports backing up either Seed phrase or Private key. The seed phrase is recognized as the unique identifier to the wallet (also to the derived wallets generated from that wallet), which means that you can manage crypto assets on 50+ networks with it. However, the private key of your wallet is different depending on the network. You can select your wallet name > Manage > Back up wallet.
Select Manage on the top right cornerSelect Manage on the top right corner

How do I create a new account?

You can select your wallet name > Add account to create a new account. The accounts (known as derived wallet) associated with Wallet A, share the same seed phrase. You can also rename the wallets and accounts by selecting Manage > Edit wallet
Select add account at the bottom of wallet extentionSelect add account at the bottom of wallet extention

Note: if you would like to remove an existing account, you will need to delete the whole wallet from the device. You can then re-import it using the seed phrase, whereas the wallet imported using a private key can't add accounts.

How do I use a watch-only wallet?

The watch-only wallet is a type of wallet that can be viewed with your wallet address or domain name to monitor your assets, currency, NFT, DeFi, authorization records and transaction details etc. It can also be used as a blockchain browser for a specific address. You can select Connect wallet on OKX TR Wallet website > Watch-only wallet

Compared with the blockchain browser, the advantage of watch-only wallet is:

  • Multiple watch-only wallets can be added at the same time for easy tracking
  • Multiple networks are aggregated in the same wallet without switching browsers of different networks. The watch-only wallet can not only display the assets on 50+ networks that OKX TR supported, but also the asset allocation on different networks.

Note: the watch-only wallet can't perform on-chain operations with only wallet address or domain name, such as transfers. You will need to either import the seed phrase/private key in the wallet or with cold wallet authorization to complete such actions.

How do I discover decentralized applications (DApps)?

The Discover page on OKX TR Web3 wallet is a DApp hub, where users can gain insights from a range of indicators of DApps, such as the number of active users, popularity and trading volume etc. Search DApp name > Go will direct you to the DApp homepage.