How do I manage my BTC collection on OKX Marketplace?

Published on Jun 28, 2024Updated on Jul 8, 20242 min read

You are now able to manage your collection on our Marketplace:

1. Listing your collection

OKX Marketplace offers support for a wide range of networks and protocols to list collections and NFTs. Collections are automatically listed on networks such as BTC and EVM, with continuous monitoring of on-chain transactions to maintain compliance with protocol standards. For detailed guidance on listing an Ordinals collection, you can refer to this article.

2. Verifying your collection

Verifying your collection on OKX Marketplace enhances its credibility. Gather required documents to prove authenticity, submit a verification request via the platform, and await review by OKX. Upon successful verification, your collection will feature a verification badge, assuring buyers. For further details on verifying your collection, you can always refer to this article to find out more about verifying your collection.

3. Modifying information of your collection

Updating your BTC collection information listed manually on OKX Marketplace is straightforward. Log in to your account, locate your listed collection, make the changes, and save. If your collection is automatically listed on our marketplace, you need to claim ownership before making modifications. For more information, you can always refer to this article to find out more about modifying your BTC collections.