How do I identify OKX TR official accounts?

Published on Mar 13, 2024Updated on Jul 2, 20242 min read3

Self-service tool

For quick access, click the button below:

You can now identify our official accounts or channels via our channel verification. Here are some simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Go to our channel verification, and select the channel that you would like to verify

  2. Insert the group link, username, or website link and select Verify

  3. The verification result will show up.

How do I identify a fake admin?

Here are some of the fake admin identifiers:

  • Username is unable to be verified channel verification

  • The user initiates a Direct Message (DM) with you

  • Username contains at least a numeric character

  • The user shared a fake admin profile that doesn't match the one in the official Telegram group

  • The user shared verified official group or admin proof, but the account info is not verified

  • The user requested any fees or payment, including listing fee or refundable security deposit via any social media platform

What should I do if I identify a fake admin?

  • Telegram: if you manage to identify the fake admin according to the identifier, please Block & Report it to @notoscam

  • Twitter: if you manage to identify the fake admin according to the identifier, please select More > Block & Report

How should I protect myself from being scammed?

  • Protect your privacy. Never share your login credentials, and passwords, and never send assets to anyone

  • We never introduce or invite for any investment or pay for any scheme in any company, lottery, or games