Why is my account frozen?

Published on Nov 20, 2023Updated on Jun 3, 20242 min read90

Some or all of your account functions are restricted if your activities violate our platform risk control policies. To solve this, you can either adhere to the provided instructions or connect with our customer support.

Please refer to the following conditions if, when using the platform account, some account functions are restricted or assets are locked.

There are 2 types of restrictions:

Judicial Restriction

To create a compliant and safe trading environment, our platform always cooperates with judicial authorities from various countries and regions. We'll restrict some or all of your account functions according to the judicial letter that we received.

Your funds aren't transferred through our platform, but privately between both parties. Our platform requires transfers with a real-name bank card. If your bank card is frozen, you can contact the bank to verify the reason it's frozen and learn how to unfreeze it.

Our platform won't freeze your bank card. Please consult the party who froze your bank card for the reason and solution.

Order Placing Requirement

Once you place limit orders, advanced limit orders, and take-profit and stop-loss orders, the corresponding amount of assets will be frozen.

If you want to utilize the frozen amount, you can cancel your order at Open orders. The amount will unfreeze after you cancel the order.