Why did my identity verification fail?

Published on Nov 22, 2023Updated on May 16, 20242 min read32

Below are some possible reasons that may lead to a failed identity verification:

  • Selfie detection failed.

  • Invalid ID (E.g. Unsupported ID type, ID issued has ‌expired).

  • There's an existing account with the same identity information.

  • ID detection failed. (E.g. Photos are overexposure, have reflections, or aren't fully visible).

A few tips for successful identity verification:

  • Make sure that the ID isn't expired.

  • Each customer is only allowed to have one account.

  • Make sure your original identity documents are clear and fully visible.

  • Center your face in the frame and follow the on-screen instructions during selfie detection.

  • Submit your identity documents that meet our supported document type requirements indicated on the page.

How to check the failed reason of identity verification?

You can check your email for the failed reason and submit it again by clicking the link.