What can I do if my device is running in an unsafe environment?

Published on Nov 22, 2023Updated on May 7, 20242 min read

While using the OKX TR app, you may encounter a warning stating that your device appears to be operating in an unsafe environment, potentially leading to security risks.

This warning is a security alert from the OKX TR system, indicating that it has detected an anomaly in your device's operating environment.

This means the way you currently use OKX TR may lead to information leakage, potentially resulting in the theft or transfer of your OKX TR assets by Trojan viruses or hackers.

What is an anomaly in your device's operating environment?

The OKX TR system will send security prompts when you use your device in the following situations: root, emulator, debug, hook, and virtual environments, among others.

It's important to know that having a rooted device can increase your susceptibility to viruses, system instability, and privacy leaks.

For this reason, when the OKX TR app detects that your device is rooted, you will receive a security prompt to help prevent the loss of assets.

What should you do?

If you receive a security prompt on the OKX TR app, it's best to stop your current operations on the app immediately and check your device's operating environment to prevent safety risks.

Depending on the scenario, please try the following:

  • If your phone is rooted, you may:

    • restore the phone to an unrooted state, or

    • download and log in to the OKX TR app on an unrooted device.

  • If you're using public wifi with security risks, switch to a private, safe network instead.

  • If suspicious applications are running on your device, scanning and removing malware is recommended. Trojan horse viruses are likely to be present in browsers and input method applications.