Recurring Buy

Published on Jun 17, 2022Updated on Jul 5, 20242 min read

Recurring Buy is temporarily not supported under portfolio accounts.

1. What is Recurring Buy?

Recurring Buy is a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy for investing a fixed amount in crypto at your defined fixed intervals. An appropriate recurring approach in volatile markets allows you to buy crypto at a lower cost.

2. How do I set up a Recurring Buy bot?

2.1. Steps Overview

  1. Enter OKX on your PC or mobile and navigate to Trade, select Trading bot mode (at the top left corner on the web or top right corner on the mobile app), then click Recurring buy.

  2. Select the asset to be invested and specify your allocation for each asset, then confirm the Frequency, Time, and Amount to create a Recurring buy bot. After the strategy is created, the fund is not reserved and isolated upfront for each cycle from the trading account. Please ensure sufficient fund in the trading account before each investment period.

  3. You can view and manage your bots on the Bots page.

2.2. Options and parameters

Crypto allocation: You can choose the crypto assets from the Recurring buy bot, either a single-pair or multi-pairs up to 20 assets. The Recurring buy bot will proportionally invest using the allocation parameters in each period.

Frequency: The frequency of each Recurring buy cycle. You can pick to buy in daily, weekly or monthly manner.

Local Time: The specific timing when the asset will be bought from local time on that day.

Amount: The investment amount used to buy the crypto assets at each recurring buy period. Currently, only USDT is supported as the quote currency. It will soon be further extended to other quote curencies.

Backtesting of last 2 years: when the sum of the crypto allocation equals to 100%, the bot will calculate the annual percentage yield using the given parameters within 2 years timeframe.

3. Risk reminder and notes

  1. At each investment cycle, the fund will be isolated from your trading account and used independently in the Recurring buy bot. In case of insufficient funds, the Recurring buy bot will be halted until the available fund is allocated in the trading account for the next investment cycle.