Why hasn't my withdrawal arrived in the account?

Published on Dec 6, 2023Updated on Jul 2, 20243 min read4

Here are the possible reasons:

The block hasn't been confirmed by the miners

Once you submit the withdrawal request, your funds will be submitted to the blockchain. It requires miners' confirmation before the funds can be credited to your account. The number of confirmations can be different according to different chains, and execution time can vary. You may contact the corresponding platform for verification if your funds haven't arrived in your account after confirmation.

The funds are not withdrawn

If the status of your withdrawal appears as either "In progress" or "Pending withdrawal", it indicates that your request is still waiting to be transferred from your account, likely due to a large number of pending withdrawal requests. Transactions will be processed by OKX TR in the order that they're submitted, and no manual interventions are possible. In case your withdrawal request remains pending for more than an hour, you can contact our customer support team via OKX TR Help for assistance.

Incorrect or missing tag

The crypto that you want to withdraw might require you to fill in tags/notes (memo/tag/comment). You can find it on the deposit page of the corresponding platform.

If you find a tag, enter the tag in the Tag field on OKX TR's withdrawal page. If you can't find it on the corresponding platform, you can reach out to customer support to confirm if it needs to be filled.

If the corresponding platform doesn't require a tag, you can enter 6 random digits in the Tag field on OKX TR's withdrawal page.

Note: if you enter an incorrect/missing tag, it could lead to withdrawal failure. In such a case, you can reach out to our customer support for assistance.

CT-app-tr-EN-withdrawal-withdrawal address with tag

Insert the tag in the Tag field

Mismatched withdrawal network

Before you submit a withdrawal request, please make sure that you've selected the network supported by the corresponding platform. Otherwise, it could lead to withdrawal failure.

CT-web-withdraw-withdraw network en

Select the withdrawal network which is supported by the corresponding platform in the Withdrawal network field

For example, you would like to withdraw crypto from OKX TR to Platform B. You've selected the OEC chain in OKX TR, but Platform B only supports the ERC20 chain. This can lead to withdrawal failure.

In such a case, you can reach out to our customer support for assistance.

The amount of the withdrawal fee

The withdrawal fee that you've paid is to miners on the blockchain, instead of OKX TR, to process the transactions and secure the respective blockchain network. The fee is subject to the amount shown on the withdrawal page. The higher the fee is, the faster the crypto will arrive in your account.

If none of the above applies to you, please contact our customer support by clicking the button below: