Peak Sniper

Published on Jun 30, 2023Updated on Jun 10, 20244 min read

What is Peak Sniper?

Peak Sniper is a 0-fee trading strategy for selling crypto at an above-market price. It guarantees that you sell at least a certain ratio of crypto at your desired price on a selected date without fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).

Peak Sniper

Three key parts of Peak Sniper

  1. Sell price In the card above, 28,000 USDT is the price for selling Bitcoin (BTC) at the peak. That means your order will be settled at 28,000 USDT when your strategy expires. Based on your judgment of price trends, you can place orders using cards with different prices.

  2. Guaranteed sell ratio The guaranteed sell ratio is the ratio of your order that's settled at the locked price (sell price) when your strategy expires. Even if the market price is lower than the locked price, you can still sell the guaranteed quantity of crypto at the locked price.

    Assume you place a sell order for 1 BTC using the card above. If the market price of BTC is lower than 28,000 USDT when your strategy expires, you will sell 0.5273 BTC at 28,000 USDT, and the remaining crypto will be returned to your account. ‌If the market price is higher than 28,000 USDT, your order will be fully settled at 28,000 USDT.

  3. Period You can choose a suitable lock-in period based on your predictions of market fluctuations. With the card above, your crypto will be locked for 66 days, and your strategy will be executed based on the market price when it expires.


Market price on expiration date Settlement rules
Market price <  Locked price Order settled at the locked price:
Sell quantity = Order quantity × Guaranteed ratio
Remaining crypto is returned to your account.
Market price ≥ Locked price Order settled at the locked price:
Sell quantity = Order quantity

Peak Sniper is suitable for traders that believe current price levels are relatively high and price trends won't rise sharply during the lock-in period.

Use case:

Assume the last price of BTC is 20,000 USDT. You choose a BTC 22,000 card with a guaranteed ratio of 20% and a period of 3 days, and you lock a sell quantity of 1 BTC. On the strategy's expiration date:

  • If the price of BTC is 21,000 USDT, your sell order is partially settled at 22,000 USDT for 0.2 BTC, and the remaining crypto is returned to your account.

  • If the price of BTC is 23,000 USDT, your sell order for 1 BTC is fully settled at 22,000 USDT.

What are the rules for advance selling?

Currently, advance selling is only for BTC and ETH.

  1. Can I sell crypto before the expiration date? Yes, if your bot has been running for more than 24 hours, you can apply for advance selling of a bot that has a term of more than 2 days. The cut-off time for advance selling is 24 hours before the expiration date.

  2. When can I apply for an advance selling? You can apply for advance selling from 24 hours after the bot starts until 24 hours before it expires. For example, if a bot:

    • Was created at: 08:00 am on 2023/03/01 UTC

    • Expires at: 08:00 am on 2023/03/11 UTC Then the period in which you can apply for advance selling is:

    • Start time: 08:00 am on 2023/03/02 UTC

    • End time: 08:00 am on 2023/03/10 UTC

  3. When will the funds be credited after an advance selling? If you apply for advance selling at any time during the day (T), the corresponding funds will be credited at around 10:00 am on the next day (T+1) UTC.

  4. What determines the price of an advance selling? The sell price is determined by the market price at the time of the advance selling application and the bot’s rebalancing cost. The advance selling quote will be displayed at the time of placing orders and refreshed every 30 seconds.