I haven't received the SMS code

Published on Dec 1, 2023Updated on May 7, 20242 min read2

We send SMS codes to the mobile phone linked to your OKX TR account. Codes may take some time to arrive, and each is valid for 10 minutes. Your account will be locked if you enter incorrect codes 6 times within a period of time. If you're not receiving codes, try these solutions:

  • Clear your browser or mobile app cache, then request a new code.

  • Request a code on different OKX TR platforms: desktop browser, desktop app, mobile browser, or mobile app.

  • If you can't log in, switch to other alternatives, see the steps below to know how it's done.

On the app

  1. Select Didn't receive anything?

  2. You can choose other alternatives you would like to use to verify

    CT-app-tr-EN-2FA-SMS change authentication methods

    Select other alternatives if your SMS code does not arrive

On the web

  1. Select call me instead if you can't receive code

    CT-web-tr-EN-2FA-SMS switch authentication method

    Select call me instead if you are unable to receive code

  2. If the above doesn’t help, you can try to self-reset your mobile number from our App according to our guidance

  3. If self-reset still doesn't work, submit a request or contact customer support via the chatbot in Support Center. Please use your email linked to the OKX TR account with login issue to contact us