How do I use my Smart Account?

Published on Aug 30, 2023Updated on May 21, 20242 min read

AA Smart Account eliminates the limitations of seed phrases/private keys, allowing performing batch transactions, gas deletion, key recovery and etc. AA Smart Account has 5 exceptional features:

Token Transfers

  1. Open your OKX app, select Wallet, and Send

  2. Select the crypto and network that you want to transfer Note: If you own the same token on multiple networks, you can select the one you want

  3. Enter the receiving address and transfer amount Note: If you've logged into an Exchange account, the system will auto-recognize the receiving address of your exchange account

  4. Select a stablecoin in the Pay with field to pay for the gas fees if your wallet doesn't have enough tokens or native tokens to cover the gas fee. Note: If you meet the criteria for gas fee exemptions, such as project subsidies or wallet incentives, the system will auto-recognize it, and it will display Free in the Network fee field.

  5. Select Confirm to complete the action

One-Click Swap on DEX

With an AA Smart Account, you can achieve a one-click swap on OKX DEX, combining authorization and swap into a single transaction. This greatly simplifies the on-chain interaction experience for swaps.

Listing multiple NFT collections with One-Click

With an AA Smart Account, you can list multiple NFT collections with just a single click. When there are more platforms supporting AA smart accounts in the future, you can list multiple NFT collections across multiple platforms with a single click.

One-Click Mining on DeFi

Similar to OKX DEX, an AA Smart Account can combine various investment operations, allowing you to execute multiple investments and portfolio adjustments, and other actions with just one click.

DApps Interaction

When interacting with DApps on the Discover browser and web interface, an AA Smart Account can also enable third-party gas payment and support gas payments in multiple tokens.