Blast Farm Points is now available on OKX Wallet

Published on May 30, 2024Updated on May 30, 20242 min read

Blast Farm Points is now available on OKX Wallet
Dear OKX users,

We're pleased to announce the launch of Blast Farming Points. The surge in popularity of the Blast Ecosystem has led to an increase in interest in speculative airdrop farming in the form of points. DApps on the Blast chain have adopted the strategy of rewarding users who interact with their DApps with points, which usually signifies a token launch and airdrop, with the airdrop amount usually corresponding to the number of points the user accrues. With the OKX Wallet's tool, it'll be easy for all users to track their Blast points and rankings in the OKX app.

How to access Farm Points

Ensure you've downloaded the OKX app or ensure that you've updated your app to version 6.41.0 or above. Open the app and select Wallet from the top. If you download new OKX app, either import your wallet from an existing wallet app, or create a new wallet first.

  1. Open the OKX Wallet mobile app, and select the three dots icon for more feat!
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  2. Select Farm Points. You have to log into Blast first, and then you can see all your Points & Gold of Blast, and you can also enter Blast for additional information. You can also see all the Points & Gold of all DApps in the Blast ecosystem.
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Blast is the only Ethereum L2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins. Blast yield comes from ETH staking and RWA protocols. The yield from these decentralized protocols is passed back to Blast users automatically.

Maximize your points and earnings with a disruptive cross-margin DeFi account.

Blast's core liquidity and fair-start DEX layer.

Permissionless leverage trading protocol for any digital assets. Backed by Polychain built on Blast.

Yield & metagovernance protocol built on ThrusterFi and optimized for Blast.

Ring is a new era in Decentralized Exchange revolutionizing asset utilization.

OKX team
May 30 2024.