Aug 14, 2023 Trading service failure report

Published on Aug 16, 2023Updated on Apr 4, 20242 min read

1. Impact and timeline
Due to an unexpected failure during infrastructure component upgrades, OKX's trading services were disrupted from August 14, 2023, 06:14:09 (UTC) to 06:36:39 (UTC). During this period, OKX's trading functions were unavailable for some users. Under normal circumstances, infrastructure component upgrades will not have any impact on trading services.

The timeline of this incident is detailed below:
06:14:09 (UTC): Infrastructure component upgrades began, causing failure when some users tried to place, amend, and cancel orders.
06:36:39 (UTC): Infrastructure component upgrades completed. At this time, the trading system fully resumed normal operations.

2. What caused this failure?
During the component upgrade process, some errors occurred while updating metadata, which led to failure when some users tried to place, amend, and cancel orders.

3. What steps are we taking to avoid this in future?

  1. Maintain consistency between demo trading and production trading environments to better anticipate potential issues in production.
  2. Conduct more meticulous tests for upgrades to infrastructure components, simulate the rollout steps in the production trading environment, and prepare backup plans for handling unexpected issues in advance.

4. Our commitment to you
OKX is dedicated to providing an ultra-reliable, high-performing, and feature-rich platform for our valued customers. To this end, we make continual improvements to our system's performance, stability, and features. Given the complexity and challenges of operating high-performing systems 24/7, unexpected issues may occasionally arise.
We are aware that timely communication is critically important to our customers, and that transparency is integral to building trust. In the event of any issue, we will notify our customers as quickly as possible through our Telegram community, the Status API channels, and the Status page.

OKX team
August 16, 2023