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If you’re a collector or a fan of unique, blockchain-based collectibles, you could look no further than the top collectible NFTs! These trending digital items include famous collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Beeple’s artwork, and other stunning works of art that have garnered millions of dollars in the marketplace. At OKX, we offer a wide variety of collectible NFTs for discerning collectors and fans to trade and curate. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of digital history — start exploring our collection of top collectible NFTs today!
Pudgy Penguins
Pudgy PenguinscertifiedIcon
ETH 1,097.25
Pudgy Penguins is a collection of 8,888 NFT’s, accelerating Web3 innovation through IP utilization and community empowerment. Embodying love, empathy, & compassion, the Pudgy Penguins are a beacon of good vibes & positivity for everyone. Each holder receives exclusive access to experiences, events, IP licensing opportunities and more. Let’s break through the boundaries of Web3 together. Pudgy Collections: [Lil Pudgys](https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft) | [Pudgy Rods](https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft)
Bored Ape Yacht Club
Bored Ape Yacht ClubcertifiedIcon
ETH 884.96
The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs— unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Bored Ape doubles as your Yacht Club membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to THE BATHROOM, a collaborative graffiti board. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation. Visit www.BoredApeYachtClub.com for more details.
ETH 422.72
Take the red bean to join the garden. View the collection at [azuki.com/gallery](https://azuki.com/gallery). Azuki starts with a collection of 10,000 avatars that give you membership access to The Garden: a corner of the internet where artists, builders, and web3 enthusiasts meet to create a decentralized future. Azuki holders receive access to exclusive drops, experiences, and more. Visit [azuki.com](https://azuki.com) for more details. We rise together. We build together. We grow together.
ETH 381.37
CryptoPunks launched as a fixed set of 10,000 items in mid-2017 and became one of the inspirations for the ERC-721 standard. They have been featured in places like The New York Times, Christie’s of London, Art|Basel Miami, and The PBS NewsHour.
ETH 56.48
🧬 CLONE X 🧬 20,000 next-gen Avatars, by RTFKT and Takashi Murakami 🌸
ETH 23.72
The Meebits are 20,000 unique 3D voxel characters, created by a custom generative algorithm, then registered on the Ethereum blockchain.
ETH 18.1
- Treeverse NFTrees: https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft - Treeverse Founders' Land : https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft - Timeless Characters: https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft ##Welcome to Treeverse Treeverse is an open-world, fantasy MMORPG with a MOBA-style combat system. Slay beasts, forge mighty weapons, lure the biggest fish, form guilds, defeat dungeons and explore the deep lore. The living world of Treeverse awaits those bold enough to conquer it. #What are NFTrees NFTrees are a collection of 420 randomly composed trees that come with gameplay utility. Each Tree can be placed in the game world, grow its own fruits, which you can sell to other players. [More Information](https://bit.ly/3t18nAH) - Follow us on Twitter : [Twitter](https://twitter.com/TheTreeverse) - Monthly Updates can be found at : [Substack](https://substack.com/profile/65278179-endless-clouds) - Join our Discord and meet our amazing Community: [Discord](https://discord.gg/endlessclouds)
Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult
Forgotten Runes Wizards CultcertifiedIcon
ETH 16.27
The Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult is a collaborative legendarium. 10,000 unique Wizard NFTs, fully encoded on-chain. [Website](http://forgottenrunes.com) | [Discord](https://discord.gg/forgottenrunes) | [Twitter](https://twitter.com/forgottenrunes) | [Book of Lore](https://www.forgottenrunes.com/lore) | [Principles](https://www.forgottenrunes.com/posts/principles) | [Goodies](https://www.forgottenrunes.com/posts/goodies) [All Sister Collections](https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft): [Sacred Flame](https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft) | [Forgotten Souls](https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft) | [Forgotten Ponies](https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nftponies) Wizard NFT holders have not only the _image_, but the _character_ of that Wizard. Day by day, the Wizards in our collection come alive as our community builds lore, maps, stories, poems, art, and animation. Join the Cult