OKX P2P Supports Featured Ads for Thailand Diamond Merchants

Published on Aug 4, 2023Updated on Aug 17, 20232 min read

We’re happy to announce that we’re rolling out our featured ad program to selected Diamond Merchants from Thailand (the registered country in your OKX account must be Thailand), starting August 07, 2023!THB_Featured ad

A featured ad is an ad that’ll be highlighted at the top of the marketplace, usually for 2-7 days. This premium placement provides the highest visibility and credibility on our P2P marketplace, which can drive more traffic.

A featured ad on OKX P2P enjoys several advantages, including:

  • Increased exposure — featured ads will be in the number one position on our P2P marketplace, ensuring more users will see the listing and increasing the chances of successful trades.

  • Better user segmentation — OKX P2P offers different ways of targeting users based on fiat regions, users’ P2P trading experience, and more, allowing your ad to reach the right audience for better results.

  • Boosted order volume — ads with the featured label enjoy the highest visibility and credibility on our P2P marketplace, which can drive more traffic to your listing and increase the volume of orders.

This program is by invitation only. The final selection is at the discretion of the OKX P2P team. Meeting the criteria below will increase your chances of being selected.

  • You've been a Diamond Merchant for at least 3 months
  • The registered country of your OKX account is Thailand
  • You've completed a minimum of 30 orders within the last 30 days
  • Your total order completion rate is greater than 95%
  • Your total completed orders
  • Your total traded amount
  • Your ad is a public ad
  • Your status is set to online
  • Additional supporting materials may be required, such as an anti-money laundering video and your last 3 months’ bank statement

Once selected, you’ll receive an email notification containing relevant information, such as which ad will be featured and the featured period of your ad.

Make sure your ad is a public ad, your status is set to online, and there’s sufficient crypto.