A beginner's guide to identity verification

Published on Nov 30, 2023Updated on Jun 3, 20243 min read19

1. Can I make deposits and withdrawals without verifying my account?

No. To make deposits and withdrawals, you must successfully verify your account.

2. I have multiple nationalities. Which nationality should I use to pass identity verification?

As a special platform for individuals holding identity documents issued by the official authorities of the Republic of Turkiye, we advise you to utilize your new Turkish identity card or new driver's license if you are a citizen of the Republic of Turkiye. For citizens of other countries, we recommend using your resident permit document.

3. What are the documents supported when verifying identity in OKX TR?

Supported documents for identity verification are: new identity document, new driver's license for Turkish citizens and residence permit for other citizens. You can verify your identity at OKX TR using these documents.

4. Why do you need my residential address?

We're required to ask for your residential address in order to verify your identity for our regulatory compliance program. Providing a residential address will also help keep your account secure.

5. I'm under the age of 18. Why can't I sign up?

Due to local laws and regulations, you must be 18 or older to access our services.

6. Why do I need to submit a selfie for identity verification?

We need your selfie to compare it with your ID and make sure it's really you. We'll store it securely and never share with third parties.

7. Which types of documents can I use to verify my residential address for account identity verification?

A residential document (with barcode) obtained from e-Government, an invoice related to a service requiring a subscription (such as electricity, water, natural gas, telephone) issued in the user's name and within the three months of the transaction date, or a document issued by any public institution.

8. Can I verify my address using a letter or package that was sent to me?

No. To verify your address, you must use a supported document as listed in the answer above.

9. How do I check my identity verification information?

  • App: Go to User center, find Profile and select Identity Verification

    CT-app-tr-EN-user center-identity verified

    Select Identity Verification to check

  • Web: Go to Profile and select Verification

    CT-web-account-profile verification en

    Select Verification to check


  • Only one ID can be registered for one account.

  • Please contact customer support with your ID number if you are unsure about which account is connected to your ID.