Web3 Security
Trust through Transparency

We’re building the world’s most secure self-custodial wallet, to give you the confidence to explore anything onchain.

External audits
We subject our product to rigorous security audits conducted by leading independent firms, guaranteeing its robust reliability.
You, and only you, maintain full authority over your private keys and digital assets.
Open source
The core code powering the OKX Wallet across mobile, web, and extension is openly available for anyone to review.

Verified by Security audits

Our security standards undergo inspection and validation by the top onchain auditors.
Stay tuned for more audits...

Open source

Open exchange, collaboration, and transparency are core to our development process. The core code to Wallet is available on GitHub for anyone to review.
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Protection from everyday threats

Proactive security monitoring filters out high-risk tokens and drainer domains to keep you safe, and the bad actors at bay.
Detected malicious domains
Detected lookalike domains
Identified high-risk tokens
Identified high-risk transactions

Bug bounty program

We provide generous rewards to the world’s foremost ethical hackers, and you, our community, for reporting bugs and security vulnerabilities.
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