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Keep3rV1 price live data

The current price of Keep3rV1 is $75.8061. Since 00:00 UTC, Keep3rV1 has increased by +0.29%. It currently has a circulating supply of 509,070 KP3R and a maximum supply of 509,070 KP3R, giving it a fully diluted market cap of $38.57M. At present, Keep3rV1 holds the 202 position in market cap rankings. The Keep3rV1/USD price is updated in real-time.

Keep3rV1 price performance in USD

Time periodChange amount%Chg
Today$0.22002 +0.29%
7 days$4.9961 +7.05%
30 days-$3.5739 -4.51%
3 months-$1.4839 -1.92%

Keep3rV1 market information

24h low/high
The highest, lowest, and last prices in 24 hours
24h low$74.5260
Last price $75.8061
24h high$84.6968
Heat index ranking
Market cap ranking
Market cap
Favorited rate
Percentage of users who favorited this asset to all users
All-time high
-96.33% (-$1,984.19)
Nov 13, 2021 (3 years ago)
All-time low
+86.43% ($35.1461)
Sep 13, 2023 (8 months ago)
ICO date
ICO price
The price at which this crypto was first traded
Circulating supply
The amount of this crypto that is publicly available in the market
509,070 KP3R
Market cap at circulating supply
Market cap = Circulating supply × Last price
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Last audit: 09/09/2021

About Keep3rV1 (KP3R)

Keep3r Network is a decentralized platform that connects projects in need of assistance with external DevOps professionals who can help accomplish various tasks. Its native token, Keep3rV1 (KP3R), is generated by providing liquidity to Uniswap for approved pairs, with the current approved pair being KP3R/ETH.

What is Keep3r Network

Keep3r Network is essentially a decentralized job marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to streamline the workflows of crypto projects by connecting them to external talent, or “keepers,” who can complete the required tasks. Keepers are compensated with KP3R tokens upon the completed of their tasks, which includes updating prices, validating data, executing transactions, and more. 

The Keep3r Network team

Keep3rV1 was founded by Andre Cronje, an experienced blockchain engineer and mobile app developer. Cronje is renowned for his involvement in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, having previously launched the successful DeFi project Yearn Finance (YFI)

Prior to his work in DeFi, Cronje held the position of Chief of Innovation and Technology at the Fusion Foundation, where he played a key role in the development and advancement of the Fusion protocol. Additionally, he has contributed to Crypto Briefing as a chief code reviewer and contributor.

How does Keep3r Network work

The Keep3r Network operates on a simple and efficient mechanism. When users require a specific service, they register a job on the platform, outlining the task they need assistance with. External teams or individuals, known as keepers, then execute the registered tasks. Once a task is successfully completed, the keeper is rewarded with KP3R tokens, the native ERC-20 digital assets utilized within the Keep3r Network.

While Keep3r handles the registration process for projects and keepers, the marketplace and task management are governed by the platform's governance mechanisms. The available jobs on Keep3r encompass a wide range of complexity. They can include executing transactions, harvesting liquidity vaults, or liquidating undercollateralized positions. Some tasks may require advanced technical expertise, involving complex off-chain logic and processes.

To access and participate in the Keep3r Network, users can visit the Keep3r website and connect to it using their MetaMask wallet. 

Keep3r Network’s native token: KP3R 

KP3R, launched on Uniswap without a pre-mine or ICO, is minted by providing collateral to Uniswap. Upon its launch, Keep3rV1 boasted an initial liquidity of $5.5 million. Within a single day, this liquidity skyrocketed to a $9.8 million, accompanied by a substantial $384,197 in generated fees.

The KP3R token exists in three interchangeable forms: Standard KP3R tokens, acquired by depositing crypto and providing liquidity; Vested KP3R tokens (vKP3R), obtained by vesting KP3R, enabling proportional access to liquidity mining fees, incentives, and future token emissions; and Redeemable KP3R tokens (rKP3R), which can be received by supplying liquidity to approved pools, offering interaction with other DeFi projects and the ability to place discounted KP3R call options. 

KP3R is used for governance and as a means to reward keepers whenever they complete a job or task. 

What is the future of Keep3r Network

Keep3r Network has introduced features that will empower the development of decentralized applications (dApps). Its goal is to streamline and simplify the workload of crypto projects with task automation needs while financially compensating the task executors with crypto. 

The network has formed significant partnerships with various projects, including Eden Network, Chainlink, Synthetix, Alchemix,, and Hegic. Additionally, beyond being a smart-contract-based job registry, Keep3r Network is actively expanding its ecosystem. These expansions encompass liquidity mining and incentives, volatility indexes and hedges, lending platforms, and a DeFi-centered forex market. 


What is Keep3r Network?

The Keep3r Network is a decentralized protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. It serves as a bridge between decentralized application (dApp) projects and external service providers, known as "keepers." Kee3rV1 (KP3R) is the native token of the network, used to compensate service providers for their work. 

What are the benefits of Keep3r Network?

The Keep3r Network offers several benefits to blockchain projects and dApps. By leveraging external service providers, projects can offload maintenance tasks and focus on core development. This reduces the burden of day-to-day operations and allows for more efficient resource allocation. Additionally, the decentralized nature of the network ensures transparency, fairness, and flexibility in the engagement of external service providers.

Where can I buy KP3R?

Easily buy KP3R tokens on the OKX TR cryptocurrency platform. OKX TR’s spot trading terminal offers the KP3R/USDT trading pair.

You can also swap your existing cryptocurrencies, including XRP (XRP), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), and Chainlink (LINK), for KP3R with zero fees and no price slippage by using OKX TR Convert.

KP3R calculator
1 KP3R ≈ $75.8061 USD