Our Partnership with Jambo Set to Bring Web3 Mobile Tools to Millions of Users in Emerging Markets via App Integration

We and Jambo, a leading Web3 mobile infrastructure builder, today announced a partnership aimed at enhancing the accessibility of the digital economy in emerging markets by combining advanced Web3 and mobile technologies.

This partnership follows a strategic investment in Jambo made by our investment arm, OKX Ventures, with a shared mission of enhancing access to Web3 technologies and driving adoption.

The partnership will involve integrating our app with the powerful Web3 JamboPhone, competitively priced at US$99 and specifically tailored for emerging markets. The phone is currently available in over 120 countries. Our OKX app, pre-installed on the JamboPhone, will provide users with seamless access to a comprehensive suite of exchange and non-custodial Web3 Wallet features, covering 200,000+ coins, 90+ networks, thousands of dApps, the most extensive inscription marketplace, and more.

The JamboPhone aims to address some of the most challenging issues faced by emerging markets, such as a large unbanked population and limited access to smartphones. By integrating with our app, Jambo is taking a step towards bringing secure, user-friendly and accessible Web3 mobile tools. This empowers millions of users in emerging markets to navigate the digital economy, fostering greater financial inclusion.

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