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Published on Nov 8, 2023Updated on Jun 10, 202410 min read
image1, a free crypto trading bot builder platform, revolutionizes the way you engage with Signal Trading Bots. It offers a unique opportunity to effortlessly and with no coding skills to create, backtest, buy, or sell your own trading bots.

Step 1: Building the First Strategy


Strategies in Runbot are created using different “boxes”, each with a specific purpose like managing risk, creating indicators, or setting rules for entering or exiting trades.

Signals are a key part of this process. They can be created with your indicators and used on other boxes to execute rules, allowing you to build complex strategies.

For example, if you create a “long signal” in the Indicators Box, this signal can be used in the ‘Entry in position rules’ Box by using a rule such as “Enter a trade if 1 long signal is triggered”.

Moreover, Runbot offers a wide variety of trading triggers for every indicator, like ‘Cross Level’, ‘In Zone’, ‘Sustain above’, ‘Sustain’, and ‘%/ATR Distance delta’, ‘Divergences’.... These are different ways to trade with the same indicator. With these triggers, you are able to tailor your strategy perfectly to match your needs!


It also offers exclusive trading rules and indicators based on Volatility, Price Action or Volumes such as Orderflow, VWAP, Open Interest, Liquidations, AI-based indicators, alongside classic ones like RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD and much more!

Step 2: Managing Your Risk like a Pro


Even the best strategies can go wrong if risk isn’t managed properly.

Runbot offers multiple options to control risk, like setting a stop-loss rule that will exit a position if the market goes against your position by a certain percentage or if there is a peak in volatility, or adjust your stop loss to break even once you achieve a 3% profit, ensuring you exit without loss if the market reverses.

With more than 40 different risk management rules at your disposal, you'll have all the necessary tools to effectively safeguard your investments!

Step 3: Optimizing your Strategy


Now that you have picked your indicators and set up your risk management rules, let’s find the best parameters for your strategy with the Optimizer tool, if you prefer not to do it manually.

Optimizing it is where the real magic happens, it’s an exclusive Runbot tool. It allows you to refine your strategy automatically, improving its effectiveness over time.

Looking for the Optimal Sharpe Ratio and Highest Annualised Return?

The Optimiser tool analyzes the performance of your strategy under various conditions and parameters, helping you find the most profitable settings looking at your needs. You can modify various aspects, all your indicators settings, but also every risk management rules and conditions to enter a position.

Step 4: Running Multiple Strategies with the Composer Tool


Once you’re comfortable with creating and optimizing individual strategies, you can start to run multiple strategies simultaneously. The Composer tool in Runbot gives you a lot of information to do just that.

You can combine different strategies, each with their unique settings, and backtest them together. This can help diversify your trading approach, reduce risk, and potentially increase profitability.

Each strategy backtest runs independently within the Composer, allowing you to manage multiple trading scenarios at the same time. Avoid correlation, hedge your strategies better, this tool will help you to carefully select the best combos for your strategies!

Need to learn more about the Composer or other features? Check our documentation!

Effortless Trading on OKX with Runbot's NFT Marketplace Strategies

The Runbot NFT Marketplace makes it incredibly easy for users to start using advanced trading bot strategies.


By purchasing these algorithmic trading strategy templates as NFTs to other Elite Traders, you can quickly and effortlessly trade with advanced trading strategies.

The marketplace simplifies the process, allowing you to acquire and execute these strategies on OKX within minutes, streamlining your entry into sophisticated trading.

Moreover, the integration with OKX enhances the functionality of these strategies. You can directly connect their purchased Runbot strategies to the OKX Signal Bot Marketplace.

By doing so, you can generate signals for their OKX followers and tap into new revenue streams. In essence, Runbot's platform is designed to simplify and amplify the trading experience, making it accessible and profitable for traders of all levels.

How to connect Runbot and OKX?

Don’t worry, it’s very easy and it should only take you a few minutes!

To receive your Strategy Alerts directly on OKX and automate your trading, go to

Click "+ Create new Free webhook".


On the Bot webhook configuration box, select 'Linked strategy' and pick the strategy you want to receive alerts from.


Enter the exact amount of capital you wish to allocate to your trading strategy. The size of your orders will be based on this reference.


Go to or click "Trading bots" on the top left of your OKX trading app.


Select "Signal Bots" on the bots menu. If you can't find it, and the OKX app suggests switching to Pro Mode, go ahead and do so; the Signal Bot will then appear on the right side of your screen.


Click "Add a custom signal".


Choose a name for your Signal Bot, then click "Create signal".


Select "Custom".


Then, copy the "Long (Entry)" message. Only this message is necessary, the others can be ignored.


Go back to and paste the Long (Entry) message on the Signal token input box.


Save changes on Runbot and click "Complete" on OKX.

On your OKX Bots menu, click "Create Bot" from the bot you just created.


Select the trading pair of your Runbot Strategy.


Enter the amount of USD capital you want to allocate to your strategy in the "Invested margin" input box.

By default, you can leave the Leverage at 10x. However if your strategy has a very high leverage, enter the maximum leverage of your strategy. This information can be found in your backtest infos. On the Backtest Stats box, click "Backtest information", and read "Max position leverage".

"Invested Margin x Leverage" only means the result of the maximum cap size allowed by your OKX bot. If you want to use "cross-mode", you can lower the invested margin and increase the leverage.


Click "Create"!


On Runbot, click "Save changes"


and "Run the bot"


to start your automated trading with OKX Signal Bot and Runbot!

Happy Trading on OKX with Runbot!