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Get token tx info

Get token tx info#

Get BRC20 tx by txid, returns a json object with the BRC20 tx info.

Request address#

GET http://{ip}:{port}/api/v1/brc20/tx/{txId}

Request param#

txIdStringThe btc transaction Hash.[default to null]

Response param#

codeIntegerThe response code.
msgStringA message describing the error.
dataObjectIt is a object with the transaction info.
> txidStringThe transaction hash
> blockhashStringThe block hash.
> confirmedBooleanThe transaction have be in chain or not.
> inscriptionsStringThe inscriptions info list.
>> actionStringThe inscription type.
>> inscriptionIdStringThe inscription id.
>> inscriptionNumberNumberThe inscription number.
>> oldSatpointStringThe old sat position.
>> newSatpointStringThe new sat position.
>>> fromStringThe transaction from.
>>>> addressStringThe transaction from address.
>>>> scriptHashStringThe transaction's from script hash.
>>> toStringThe transaction to.
>>>> addressStringThe transaction to address.
>>>> scriptHashStringThe transaction's to script hash.
>>> operationStringThe brc20 operation
>>>> typeStringThe brc20 type.
>>>> tickStringThe brc20 tick name.
>>>> amtNumberThe brc20 value.

Request example#

curl --location --request GET 'http://{ip}:{port}/api/v1/brc20/tx/628f019c4e3c30ccc0fd9aae872cb3720294a255127292bf61c38fbee39462fe'

Response example#

    "code": 0,
    "msg": "ok",
    "data": {
        "txid": "628f019c4e3c30ccc0fd9aae872cb3720294a255127292bf61c38fbee39462fe",
        "blockhash": "000000000000000000022d2e42352853aa9b663f0a51a662988686edf352214e",
        "confirmed": true,
        "inscriptions": [
                "action": "transfer",
                "inscriptionNumber": 348126,
                "inscriptionId": "885441055c7bb5d1c54863e33f5c3a06e5a14cc4749cb61a9b3ff1dbe52a5bbbi0",
                "from": {
                    "address": "bc1pxaneaf3w4d27hl2y93fuft2xk6m4u3wc4rafevc6slgd7f5tq2dqyfgy06"
                "to": {
                    "address": "1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa"
                "oldSatpoint": "885441055c7bb5d1c54863e33f5c3a06e5a14cc4749cb61a9b3ff1dbe52a5bbb:0:0",
                "newSatpoint": "628f019c4e3c30ccc0fd9aae872cb3720294a255127292bf61c38fbee39462fe:0:0",
                "operation": {
                    "type": "transfer",
                    "tick": "ordi",
                    "amt": "100"