Wallet API


Wallet API offers a non-custodial wallet-centric underlying technology solution that you can flexibly use to build the on-chain services and applications.

The new Wallet API (all API interfaces with the /waas/wallet/* path) is now open for Alpha testing application

Service Scope#

The Wallet API mainly includes the following modules:

1. Address and Account Creation

2. On-chain Asset and Coin Price Query, supporting:

  • Native public chain tokens: e.g., ETH on Ethereum
  • Contract tokens: e.g., ERC-20, BEP-20

3. Transaction-related functionalities, such as composing, signing, broadcasting, tracking, and history queries, supporting:

  • Transactions on account model networks like EVM
  • Transactions on UTXO model networks like BTC

4. Other commonly used data, such as token information, gas prices, contract approval information, etc.

Application Scenarios#

Based on the above capabilities, you can build the following applications:

1. Web3 Multi-chain Wallet, supporting 60+ public chains

2. DApp Embedded Wallet

3. Multi-chain Web3 Applications

4. Exchange Wallet

Or other possible products and applications. If you want to use our services to build new product categories, feel free to join us on Telegram to talk with us.