What is OKX NFT Launchpad?

Published on Aug 30, 2023Updated on Apr 12, 20243 min read

OKX NFT Launchpad is OKX's exclusive NFT initial offering platform. You can find various handpicked projects with builders, artists, creators, and celebrities here.

What events does Launchpad support?

Launchpad has successfully launched a wide range of activities, and you can now participate in various types of events, such as allowlist raffle, flash sale, mint, auction, and the allowlist flash sale.

You can directly participate in flash sales, mint, and auctions. In order for you to mint events, you need to use the same address to complete the tasks and buy the NFTs.

For allowlist raffle and allowlist flash sales, you will need to complete tasks to be qualified for participation. As the supply of NFTs is limited, place your order ASAP once it's open for purchase, so you'll not miss out!

How do I participate in an ongoing event?

Connect your wallet and follow the steps below to get started. Every event has its own period and ongoing events will have an active countdown timer, so be sure to participate before the time runs out.

On the app

  1. Open your OKX app, go to Wallet > Marketplace
    CT-app-wallet-marketplaceSelect Marketplace in Wallet
  2. Select Launchpad to see various events available
    CT-app-marketplace-launchpadSelect the event that you are interested to know more

On the web

  1. Log in to okx.com, select Wallet > Marketplace > Launchpad
    CT-web-launchpadSelect Launchpad in Marketplace
  2. On the homepage, simply hover or select any event to know more
    CT-web-launchpad-eventsCheck out available and past events in one place

How do I list my project on Launchpad?

If you have exciting projects that you would like to list on Launchpad, submit your application to become one of the issuers!

On the app

  1. Go to Wallet > Marketplace > Launchpad
  2. Select Apply for Launchpad and submit your project details
    CT-app-launchpad-applicationShowcase your project by submitting the application

On the web

  1. Go to Wallet > Marketplace > Launchpad
  2. Select Be an issuer and submit your project details
    CT-web-launchpad-applicationJoin the force and share your project with us on Launchpad