How can I buy NFTs from this collection?
You can make direct purchases on the OKX Marketplace, which consolidates NFT orders from platforms such as OpenSea, Blur, MagicEden, and more.
What is the recent activity of this collection?
No transactions occurred for Aptos Alpha Alpacas within the last 24 hours. The floor price is 1.45 APT, and there’s been a 0.00% change in the floor price in the last 24 hours. There are currently 11 listing orders.
How many wallets hold NFTs from this collection?
Aptos Alpha Alpacas has a total of 1,782 NFTs, and these are held by 859 different wallets.
What amount is required to make a purchase?
The floor price for this project is 1.45 APT, and there have been no transactions in the last 24 hours. Therefore, your should have at least 1.45 APT in your wallet to complete the purchase.