Wallet API
Token Project Information

Token Project Information#

Query additional information about a single token, such as token contract address, official token website URL, and social media links.

Request Path#

GET https://www.okx.com/api/v5/waas/wallet/token/token-detail

Request Parameters#

chainIndexStringYesUnique identifier of the blockchain
tokenAddressStringNoToken contract address. Default is main chain token if not passed.

Response Parameters#

logoUrlStringURL of the token's logo
officialWebsiteStringURL of the official website of the token
socialUrlsObjectSocial media links
> twitterArrayTwitter link(s), if available
> facebookArrayFacebook link(s), if available
> redditArrayReddit link(s), if available
> messageboardArrayMessage board link(s), if available
> chatArrayChat link(s), if available
> githubArrayGitHub link(s), if available
> whitepaperArrayWhitepaper link(s), if available
> announcementArrayAnnouncement link(s), if available
decimalsStringToken decimals
tokenAddressStringToken address
chainIndexStringUnique identifier of the blockchain
chainNameStringName of the blockchain
symbolStringToken symbol
maxSupplyStringMaximum supply (across multiple chains, some data may be empty). Precision of 15 digits
totalSupplyStringTotal supply (across multiple chains, some data may be empty). Precision of 15 digits
volume24hString24-hour trading volume in USD. Precision of 15 digits. Includes all liquidity pools accessible via OKX DEX.
marketCapStringProject market capitalization in USD. Precision of 15 digits

Request Example#

curl --location --request GET 'https://www.okx.com/api/v5/waas/wallet/token/token-detail?chainIndex=56&tokenName=""&tokenAddress=0x6f620ec89b8479e97a6985792d0c64f237566746' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'OK-ACCESS-PROJECT: 86af********d1bc' \
--header 'OK-ACCESS-KEY: 37c541a1-****-****-****-10fe7a038418' \
--header 'OK-ACCESS-SIGN: leaV********3uw=' \
--header 'OK-ACCESS-PASSPHRASE: 1****6' \
--header 'OK-ACCESS-TIMESTAMP: 2023-10-18T12:21:41.274Z' \

Response Example#

    "code": "0",
    "msg": "success",
    "data": [
            "logoUrl": "https://static.oklink.com/cdn/web3/currency/token/bnb-wpc-0x6f620ec89b8479e97a6985792d0c64f237566746.png/type=png_350_0",
            "officialWebsite": "https://www.wepiggy.com/",
            "socialUrls": {
                "messageboard": [
                "github": [
                "twitter": [
                "chat": [
                "reddit": [
            "decimals": "18",
            "tokenAddress": "0x6f620ec89b8479e97a6985792d0c64f237566746",
            "chainIndex": "56",
            "chainName": "BNB Chain",
            "symbol": "wpc",
            "maxSupply": "200000000.000000000000000",
            "totalSupply": "",
            "volume24h": "283632981.281666040000000",
            "marketCap": "34510982165.370000000000000"