Wallet API
Common Information

Common Information#

This section introduces API that can provide general useful information:

Blockchain Information#

For obtaining information about chains

Get Supported Blockchains
Provide blockchain networks supported by Wallet API


Support querying the spending status of UTXO and the BRC-20 inscription assets within UTXO,

making it easy to understand how to use the related UTXO to assemble BTC ecosystem transactions.

Query All UTXOs
Returns all UTXOs under the address
Query Specific UTXO
Returns specific UTXO under the address

Token Information#

Support querying information such as cryptocurrency, price, circulation volume, supply, and project website.

Get Supported Tokens
Provides information on tokens supported by Wallet API
Historical Token Price Query
Provides historical price information for a specific token
Real-time Token Price Query
Provides real-time price information for multiple tokens
Token Project Information Query
Provides detailed project information for a specific token

Approval Information#

Query Address Approval Details
Query detailed approval information of a single address in pages