Wallet API
Wallet Management

Account Management#

Unlike the typical single-address query model, Wallet API offers structured subscription queries for multiple addresses. You can associate multiple addresses with a single account, enabling efficient asset status and transaction history queries across multi-chain scenarios.

We provide two types of accounts: wallet accounts and watch-only accounts.

Wallet Account: Requires message signature for authentication, allows adding custom tokens of interest, and can send transactions.

Watch-Only Account: Does not require message signature, defaults to displaying all tokens listed on the OKX platform, and cannot send transactions.

Below is specific information about the related APIs:

Create Wallet Account
Aggregate addresses with wallet accounts
Create Watch-Only Account
Aggregate addresses with watch-only accounts
Update Wallet Account
Change addresses under a specific wallet account
Update Watch-Only Account
Change addresses under a specific watch-only account
Delete Account
Delete an existing account
Query List of Created Accounts
Query the accounts created under the project
Query Addresses Under Account
Query addresses under a specific account