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Here we describe the definitions of some common interface parameters that you will encounter when calling the OKX WaaS service.


walletId is a unique identifier given to wallets by OKX WaaS. Its function is to associate multiple links and multiple addresses, and conduct aggregate query of asset and transaction history data.


chainId is the unique identification of the chain within the OKX WaaS service. In addition to the standard chainid of the IP-155 protocol that follows the EVM architecture. For some chains such as BTC, Solana, etc., because there is no uniform id specification, we use the cointype parameter in the BIP44 specification as the chain identification. In other special cases, we will re-confirm with the existing id and then assign it. chainIndex example:

Blockchain networkschainIdeip155chainId
Bitcoin Mainnet0
Ethereum Mainnet11
OP Mainnet1010
Flare Mainnet1414
Cronos Mainnet2525


coinId is used to identify tokens and mainnet coins, coinId already has thousands of popular tokens and mainnet coins built-in, users can also add custom tokens via chainId + contract address to generate coinId.


orderId is a unique identifier assigned to each transaction within the OKX WaaS system. With the orderId query, even if the transaction is not linked, it is recorded in the system, ensuring that the entire process of the transaction is visible.