Error codes

Error codes#

CodeHTTP statusMessage
50011429Rate limit reached. Please refer to API documentation and throttle requests accordingly
50014400Parameter {param0} cannot be empty
50026500System error. Try again later
50103401Request header "OK-ACCESS-KEY" cannot be empty
50104401Request header "OK-ACCESS-PASSPHRASE" cannot be empty
50105401Request header "OK-ACCESS-PASSPHRASE" incorrect
50106401Request header "OK-ACCESS-SIGN" cannot be empty
50107401Request header "OK-ACCESS-TIMESTAMP" cannot be empty
50111401Invalid OK-ACCESS-KEY
50113401Invalid signature
51000400Parameter {param0} error
80000200Repeated request
82000200Insufficient liquidity
82001500The commission service is not available during the upgrade
82102200Minimum amount is {0}
82103200Maximum amount is {0}
82104200This token is not supported
82105200This chain is not supported
82112200The value difference from this transaction’s quote route is higher than {num}, which may cause asset loss.
82114200The slippage too low,Suggest {0}
82115200The chain has not token pairs
82116200No suitable cross-chain bridge found