Copy traders: How do I choose a lead trader?

Published on Dec 22, 2022Updated on Apr 4, 20242 min read

You can find our community of OKX lead traders by going to “Discover” > “Copy trading” on the OKX app or website. Here you can view key data about each lead trader to help you decide whose trades you want to copy. When you ’ve made your decision, simply click “Copy” on your preferred trader.

Market board

In the market board you can rank lead traders by a number of different data indicators.

The current available data indicators are as follows.

PnL% = Profit / Cost. Cost calculations will consider any changes caused by funds being transferred in or out of a user’s trading account.
PnL = Assets at start of period - Assets at end of period + Assets transferred out - Assets transferred in
Win rate
Win rate = No. of profitable orders / Total no. of orders
Copy traders’ Pnl
The sum of follower profits for the selected period
Assets under management. The total value of assets copied by followers who are currently copying this trader.

*Lead trader data is updated every hour.

  • Ranking by “Overview”

You can also select “Overview” to see a comprehensive ranking of lead traders, which we calculate by weighting multiple indicators for each trader. The current indicator weighting is as follows.

Cumulative PnL%
PnL% (Last 30 days)
PnL% (Last 7 days)
Max drawdown (Historical)
Max drawdown (Weekly)
Number of copy traders
PnL of copy traders

Note: The weighting of indicators may be adjusted at any time based on feedback and data after launch.

Trader profile

You can click on a lead trader’s name to see their profile, which contains a more detailed breakdown of their trading history, portfolio, and following. You can directly follow a lead trader or copy their trades from this page.